The Rose Bowl Half Marathon Course

The Rose Bowl Half Marathon course is challenging, but incredibly rewarding. Featuring iconic landmarks and scenic city streets, the course departs from the Rose Bowl, winds through historic residential neighborhoods and ventures across Old Town Pasadena before making its return. Don’t miss the breathtaking views of the Rose Bowl from the iconic Colorado Street Bridge just before you make your decent towards the final 5 kilometers, which loop around the Rose Bowl. Your memorable finish line moment will take place on the field of the world famous Rose Bowl, a fitting reward for an incredible accomplishment. 


The first three miles of the half marathon course are the most challenging, with a gradual hill leading towards the first mile marker and the “California Climb” at mile 2. Once you’ve turned onto Orange Grove Boulevard, it’s a mostly flat course until you reach the ninth mile, which features a steady decline as you venture back towards the Rose Bowl for the final few miles. The race finishes with welcomed decline as you make your way down the tunnel and onto the field for that finish line push. 

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