Miori Izumi

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Miori always loved sports and being physical. What initially drove her to run regularly was for the health and fitness benefits. Running allowed Miori to push her limits both physically and mentally. It also provided her with the time and freedom to unwind, to let go, and be one with the road. Miori fell in love with running and never looked back. She has run 7 marathons, over 45 half marathons, and many other distance races. At home she is a mother of 3 who takes her role in shaping good humans quite seriously. She hopes that through sharing her journey, she can positively influence runners of all shapes and sizes to work towards their goals. 


What is your passion and why? 

I am passionate about all things running related and the running community. I've gained a different respect for my body and its capabilities through running. The running community has had a huge influence on my running career. I've learned how to train smarter through my own experiences and through my peers sharing their experiences. The personal and professional relationships I've developed through involvement in the LA running community are priceless to me. Whether it be sharing my journey, knowledge, or sharing my favorite products and races, I take pride in whatever influence I may have on the running community that I love. 


Advice to your younger self: 

Younger Miori ran and pushed her physical limits for years without making rest and recovery a priority. I would tell my younger self that during training, active recovery is just as critical as the long miles are. 

What is your favorite song(s) to listen to while running/working out? 

I typically don't listen to music while I run. I enjoy using that time to focus on my thoughts, breathing, and listen to my body. However, if I need to get pumped, B.O.B. by Outkast gives me that extra push.