Jayson Warsuma

Jayson is the epitome of the spirit of the Los Angeles Marathon. His megawatt smile brightens the day of everyone he meets. His passion and enthusiasm for life and running is infectious. But he is much more than that. Jayson has been a long time pace leader for all three of the Conquer Challenge events and is respected among his peers as an elite runner. Jayson won Gold in the 5000m at the Special Olympics Southern California in 2011. Jayson is part of the LA Road Runners at every meet up and is best known for his love of photography. A photo with Jayson is a memory for life. He has inspired literally thousands of runners on his marathon journey and we are honored that he has joined the Ambassador team for the first time.


How do you hope to inspire others? 

To have fun in a 5k race, 10k race, and other races, to help people, answer questions. To jump for joy. Enjoy life all the time. Have fun all the time. There will be days that are not going be great, but have fun, be happy, and be a hero and set a positive example. There are going to be great days in the future. Make life like Six Flags Magic Mountain, or going to the movies, or go to a party. Look for the positive in the future. Life is Beautiful. Look at life in a beautiful way. To listen to every detail about anything. 


What is your passion and why? 

My passion is to be silly, okay I am joking. To show my photos in a gallery. To show my drawings in an art gallery. I learn a lot when I draw. I learn something new everyday. I tell my friends that. 


Advice to your younger self: 

Be happy, be silly, don't take life serious, you will have great days and not so good days. Follow the rules. Pick a goal, stick to that goal. Be positive. Think positive thoughts. Have fun all the time. Watch Care Bears the Movie, run more. Do push- ups more, lift weights more, eat right, Jump for joy always, go to the beach every summer. 


What does living an active lifestyle mean to you? 

An active lifestyle to me means one has incorporated their way of being to the true human form of being. We have evolved to be active, moving, and going nonstop. This means for me educating and inspiring our community that it is in our nature to be active and keep moving. The more we move for ourselves, the healthier we can be, and the better we can serve our community.