COVID-19 Update

On March 8, 2020 we were fortunate to stage not only the largest but perhaps the best race in the 35-year history of the Los Angeles Marathon presented by ASICS. In 2021 we aim to continue that tradition and deliver arguably the greatest destination marathon in the world. With this in mind, we want to be clear regarding our
COVID-19 event policies: 

2021 Los Angeles Marathon

If the 2021 Los Angeles Marathon is cancelled due to Covid-19, athletes will have the option to defer their race entry until the 2022, 2023 or 2024 event. Specific policies regarding deferrals will be set around the date of any cancellation. Athletes will be advised of our deferral policy if the event is postponed, at the time a postponement is announced. 

We want the Marathon to go ahead as much as you do and are planning for, and will do, whatever is reasonably possible to produce it safely and within then-current COVID-19 guidelines. We will implement measures, including reducing start line, finish line, and on-course densities, if these measures are compatible with the Los Angeles Marathon experience and feasible for our organization and our host cities.

If the Marathon is cancelled, we are not considering a virtual race as the only option. While circumstances are ever-changing, we believe that is not a desired option for the athletes nor would it do justice to an event that is one of the world’s great landmark marathons.

2021 Rose Bowl and LA Big 5K

For the 2021 Rose Bowl Half Marathon and 5K and the 2021 LA Big 5K, athletes will be automatically transferred to our world-class virtual events if these events cannot be held in any capacity.

At this time, we intend that the Rose Bowl Half Marathon and 5k and the LA Big 5K will occur on their scheduled dates. Like the Marathon, it is likely that changes will need to be made to the traditional formats of these events to comply with then-applicable COVID-19 guidelines. Our planning includes measures to reduce start line, finish line, and on-course densities that may involve additional wave starts over longer hours and supporting course adjustments.

2020 Santa Monica Classic

The 2020 Santa Monica Classic presented by ASICS has already been converted into a virtual race. We are excited to announce in the coming weeks components of the event that will make it the best virtual race in the world.

Please note that there will not be refunds for any events in 2021.

In making these decisions the health and safety of our athletes, volunteers, spectators, partners, and our staff is always, and will be, our number one priority.  

We thank you for your patience, your understanding, and your support. For many of you the 2020 Los Angeles Marathon was the last fun and normal experience you had before the COVID-19 lockdown. With our new season of races, we intend to do everything possible to provide a similar great experience for our athletes and the City of Los Angeles as we celebrate the beginning of a new era for the race and the running community.